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Fast, stable, secure

Network Management

Providing your staff with fast, secure and consistent connectivity a robust, reliable foundation for your modern workforce.

Increase your security and stability, keeping yours and your client data secure.

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Trusted Technical Consultants

Building a reliable foundation

Whether you prefer wired or wireless, you can be confident we will manage your network and address any common networking challenges.

Choosing CJAZ to manage your networking solutions will offer you the following business benefits:

1. Futureproof your IT network so you are ready to adopt new technologies.

2. Scalable solutions that change to meet your staffing requirements.

3. Increase your security and stability, keeping yours and your client data secure.

4. Increase business performance through fast, reliable connectivity.

5. Lower your costs by having the best-fit network solution for your business at any stage.

6. Agile solutions that can grow quickly when you need it, meaning you are always ready for what's around the corner.

Build a network that gives you peace of mind. Keep users happy and business running smoothly with software and hardware that work best together. Automation, analytics, and security work hard for you, so you don't have to.

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What's included

Partners and Qualifications

We never underestimate the importance of accredited training, qualifications and experience. That's why when you choose CJAZ as your Managed Service Provider, all our Technical Consultants receive the training they need to be informed and knowledgeable on the software and hardware we support. 

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Why our clients love our service

“CJAZ Consulting has definitely added value and supported our business growth.

Bringing them in as our trusted IT Partner was a great strategic decision. Their proactive, strategy and infrastructure knowledge has been instrumental in supporting our teams and helping our business run efficiently.

Having great IT systems you can rely on is pivotal to being a successful, competitive company in today's market. We would have no hesitation in recommending their excellent services.”

Chris Timotheou
Managing Director

Tims Dairy

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