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Email Signature Marketing Case Study

Tims Dairy enjoy instant and consistent marketing messages with Exclaimer Cloud

Tims Dairy Ltd


The marketing team at Tims Dairy found updating corporate messaging and email signatures time consuming and laborious.

With the added complication of remote working and so many dispersed teams, rolling out current marketing campaigns and new messaging sometimes lacked timeliness and consistency.

On CJAZ's recommendation, they decided to implement Exclaimer Cloud, which allows you to include professional, branded email signatures across your organisation.


Having been their Managed IT Partner for the past nine years, CJAZ knew exactly how to implement Exclaimer Cloud without any interruption to normal email communication.


Tims Dairy employ around 70 staff who are usually based across two sites. However, with the pandemic and rise in homeworking, it had become increasingly difficult to keep track of email signatures and ensuring consistency.

Their professional marketing agency were looking for an efficient, reliable and instant way to update email signatures across the company.


With Exclaimer Cloud in place, updating corporate messaging and rolling out new marketing campaigns is instant. Tims Dairy can be completely confident that every marketing channel is working optimally and in unison to support their already exemplary reputation.

Now they can enjoy peace of mind that all members of staff are sharing the right information, at the right time with the right people.

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"With Nick's help it's been amazing, We're really starting to see the benefits of using the Exclaimer Cloud. Updating email signatures with new messaging and campaigns, used to be unreliable and labour intensive, but now it only takes a couple of days. 

"Exclaimer Cloud is quite complex to set up, but with Nick's help, it's been rolled out across all teams and we've seen an increase in our web traffic".

Sally Dorling

Marketing Consultant

Tims Dairy Ltd


Tims Dairy

Tims Dairy specialises in producing Greek-style yogurts using fresh British milk, natural ingredients, and bio-live cultures. Their family-run business has a traditional Greek heritage and has been making fresh live yogurt since 1949. They now supply yogurts and cultured creams to the retail and foodservice sectors.





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