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London IT Support Case Study

"10 Problem free years!"

MJ Property


After running into a series of "unforeseeable" IT problems with previous IT contractors, where the servers suffered a critical failure, data was lost and there was considerable stress all round. There was an urgent need to move IT, provider.

On personal recommendation CJAZ was appointed and started at once with a comprehensive review and mapped out an ongoing strategy.


CJAZ Consulting proactively manages the IT infrastructure and network services for the whole building and its six commercial tenants. Proactive management ensures the broadband and wifi network are running.  Liaison with the telephone provider to set up new tenants and also provide a shared diary for the meeting room.


Some of the business benefits of working with CJAZ Consulting include; there are never any nasty surprises, all of the IT systems run smoothly and efficiently, just as they should do.


The CJAZ team liaises with the Telecomms company to sort out any broadband or telephone issues, removing stress and workload from the client and letting them get on with their day to day job.

CJAZ's professional managed approach means that everything can be budgeted for. The IT Inventory means MJ Property knows exactly what's happening with all of the hardware and software. If any equipment is near the end of its warranty, there's always plenty of advance notice if an investment is required.

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“After running into a series of “unforeseeable” IT problems with previous contractors I appointed CJAZ Consulting. They started with a comprehensive review and provided an ongoing strategy to avoid the business disruption that results from a poorly managed IT network. That was 10 problem-free years ago and I have been highly satisfied with all aspects of CJAZ services throughout. I would have no hesitation recommending CJAZ Consulting.”

Martin Jones

MJ Property

MJ Property

#97 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia is a modern serviced office over five floors, catering for a range of businesses from Accountants to Advertising companies.




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Our purpose is to help your business succeed through technology.

We're not just about fixing IT issues, we help you achieve your business goals – whether that is to grow your business, increase efficiency, or reduce risk.

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Stay competitive

Secure data

Cyber secure

Super responsive service

Super smooth IT

Peace of mind

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