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IT Support for the creative industries

Radiowork's rapid growth required expert IT support.



Before working with CJAZ, RadioWorks were reliant purely on in-house IT support, but their expanding business meant that their IT needs were growing too.


To accommodate their expansion CJAZ was introduced by referral, for an initial IT Audit followed by a strategic infrastructure proposal.


Successful Office 365 Migration

CJAZ Consulting is now RadioWorks Managed Service Provider for all of their IT support. Some of the projects CJAZ has been involved with include improving their IT infrastructure, liaison with their third party CRM and ERP providers and also successfully migrating the company to Office 365, which was almost two years ago now.

Working in the creative industry, RadioWorks uses a combination of PC's and Macs, both of which are supported under their Managed IT Service contract.

In order, to provide the best possible service, CJAZ includes a weekly on-site visit to ensure everything is running smoothly.


The main business benefits that RadioWorks say they enjoy are reduced IT costs and increased efficiency. 

CJAZ's expertise and established IT partner relationships means they can provide a range of cost-saving options and negotiate the best software and hardware deals.

Since the infrastructure work, there have also been reduced IT costs across their internet and telecoms systems.


The Office 365 implementation means less work duplication, better team collaboration, and overall improved efficiency.

Do you need our IT advice?

"We love working with CJAZ, as they completely understand the needs of our growing business.

They've helped us put a lot of new IT systems in place, working outside of normal working hours to minimise any business disruption when needed.


We really appreciate their weekly visits and expert advice. They've really helped remove the stress of IT so that we can focus on our day jobs."

Michael Charnley-Heaton


Radioworks are the UK's largest independent radio advertising agency. They make booking radio campaigns simple. From start to finish and beyond, Radioworks will be as involved in your radio advertising campaign as you need.







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We're not just about fixing IT issues, we help you achieve your business goals – whether that is to grow your business, increase efficiency, or reduce risk.

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