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Office Relocation Case Study

“The whole team moved in, on time, everything was set up - it was literally plug-and-play!"
Matt Fuller

Cousin Media Group - Partner.

Seamless office expansion with total security peace of mind.



Founding a fledgling business in the midst of a global pandemic, Cousin Media Group had experienced rapid growth from a core of 3 founding members to 10 in the space of three short years. 

At the start of 2023, it was clear that hybrid working would be their ideal workplace strategy, with the team 3 days remote working and 2 in the office. This gave them the perfect mix between creative collaboration and focused account management time. 

With previous experience of working with CJAZ at other companies, Matt Fuller, Cousin Media Group Partner, immediately called on them again to take his rapidly expanding business to the next level.


There were two main IT priorities for Cousin Media Group, number one, maximising productivity and number two, a Zero Trust security policy. Firstly, they need to ensure their team could work together effortlessly whether they were in the office or working remotely. Setting up a Hybrid Working Strategy with MS Teams and Sharepoint, ensured everyone could work collaboratively, regardless of where they were in the world. 


Secondly, Cousin had a few initial concerns about data security in a shared office environment. Having discussed all their security concerns, CJAZ took care of everything, "CJAZ really elevated our security to the next level, now it's never, even a concern and that goes across all of devices." says Matt. 


CJAZ immediately stepped in to help relocate the Cousin team quicky and seamlessly to bigger, brighter premises. Running through his relocation checklist, Nick Zimaras CJAZ Director, firstly wanted to ensure that the premises were fit for purpose for their IT requirements. 

With any office relocation, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure that a client can walk into the office on moving day with an uninterrupted service. From assessing server requirements, security checks, network accessibility and options, desk installations, there are about 50 checks that need to be made. 

In Matt's words, "The whole team moved in, on time, everything was set up - it was literally plug-and-play!"

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"I have worked with CJAZ for over 10 years and simply would not entertain working with anyone else. The knowledge, the team, the expertise, unparalleled levels of service. Put it simply, they are the BEST."

Matt Fuller - Partner
Cousin Media Group

Cousin Media Group

Cousin Media Group are media planning and buying experts that specialise in the entertainment industry. They support clients with all their advertising needs from one-off product launches and ad-hoc campaigns to complete media strategy, planning and buying.

CLIENT SINCE 2023 (10+ years at another company)




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