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CJAZ sponsor Christoforos Charity Foundation

Charity of the Year 

Why was CCF set up?

Christoforos Charity Foundation was set up following the tragic loss of 15-year-old Christopher who took his own life after being trolled by online predators.


What do CCF do?

The charity aims to raise awareness of the dangers of social media misuse, cyberbullying and the dark web. CCF arrange events and deliver talks to young children in schools and in community groups. The organisation and it’s volunteers also arrange free fun activities for kids to keep them away from their screens for a few hours and give them a chance to interact in person.


To learn more about Christorofos' tragic story, please watch the video. 

Common threats to Childrens' Online safety

Unfortunately, many parents and carers believe that because our children are playing upstairs in their bedroom and are on their devices gamily or watching online content that they are safe. This simply is not the case. By raising awareness of the potential threats to our children we can start opening the conversation around what games our children are playing and who with and start protecting them better.

Common online threats include:

  • Cyberbullying

  • Cyber Predators

  • Posting Private Information

  • Phishing

  • Falling for Scams

  • Accidentally Downloading Malware

  • Posts that Come Back to Haunt a Child Later in Life


We discuss some of the way’s we can protect our children in our blog ‘Internet Safety during the summer holidays’.


Why did CJAZ choose this charity?

CCF was initially brought to our attention through a talk given at Nick’s sons school. He was deeply shocked and moved by what had happened to Christoforos and his family and unfortunately continues to happen in our community. Everyone at CJAZ were deeply saddened by Christoforos’ tragic story and we felt we really wanted to be able to contribute and make a difference.


Also, as an experienced IT company, we are confident online safety is an area we can really help with, especially helping to raise awareness of potential threats, how to start talking with our children about online safety and improving our online safety.  


CJAZ official sponsors of CCF

CJAZ has chosen Christoforos Charitable Foundation as it's Charity of the year, and hope to encourage other companies to do the same. All sponsorships and donations are used to arrange free fun activities for kids to keep them away from their screens for a few hours and give them a chance to interact in person.


Like to get involved?


  • Raising awareness
    Over the next 12 months CJAZ will be sharing lots of tips and advice about online safety. By sharing and commenting on this social media, we start to raise awareness of the issues and empower parents and carers to take action to protect our children.




How you can start protecting the children you know

To learn how you can keep your children and loved ones safe please read our latest blog, Internet Safety during the summer holidays, or visit the Christoforos Charitable Foundation for more information

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