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Vision & values

We are grounded by our values and have a strong ethos about the importance of building strong, lasting client relationships. We have high expectations when it comes to customer service and our aim is to mirror that for our clients. 

Building Strong Relationships

Empowering you to exceed your business goals is what makes us happy. We do this by listening to you, understanding your industry and supporting your growth strategies.

Trusted Provider

We have been supporting successful businesses with their IT plans for over 20 years. We know exactly what your company needs to succeed and how to deliver that.


Knowledgeable & experienced

We are a team of highly trained, experienced, technical consultants. Our knowledge and expertise covers infrastructure, networking, data management, cybersecurity and software implementation.


Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art software that is industry-leading, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and reduce costs.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Our job is to deliver an all round amazing IT experience. Our fast, friendly and personable service ensures you enjoy an exceptional IT service.

Responsible & Sustainable

We work with an accredited IT Asset Disposal company who safely recycle and reuse old hardware without risking data breaches and environmental contamination from improper disposal methods.

Strong Family Values

Zimaras Family-edited.jpg

CJAZ founder and owner Nick Zimaras, is very much a family man, husband to Claire and father of five, he's no stranger to rallying his youngest two to various after school clubs and training sessions. 

At the weekend you'll often find him on the terraces supporting Arsenal or coaching for the local Omnia Youth Team where his daughter Olivia plays on the junior team. 

There are similarities to Nick's coaching and business approach; good listener, positive, proactive, empowering and supportive are all qualities that can be seen in his parenting, coaching, leadership and business roles. Whilst he admits to having high standards, especially when it comes to customer service, he's fair and dependable, definitely one to have on your side when it comes to business. 

Ensuring his clients realise their true potential by providing the technology solutions to enable and support growth and taking care of their IT so they can focus on building their businesses, 

How we’re different 


Empowering Growth - We make it our business to understand your business goals and help you to realise these through technology. 


On-site visits - We make your business our business. By arranging regular on-site visits, we get to know you, your team and what you need to grow. 


No Call Centre - When you call our help desk, the person you speak to will know you and your company. In time you’ll get to know our team by first names too. 


Faster resolution - We only employ experienced technical consultants and don’t use a tiered response approach. This results in faster issue resolution. 

No surprises - Our tailored monthly support means our clients enjoy complete peace of mind, with no unexpected costs. 

Calm and professional - Great listeners, calm, methodical and reasoned, these are the qualities we look for when recruiting our staff. 


We care - You will speak to one of our highly trained, experienced staff who care about you, your business and about sorting out your IT query. 


Agile & Flexible - The modern workplace has dramatically changed. Work/life boundaries have blurred and merged. As a consequence we support every hybrid/remote working model.


Dependable - We are your IT rock! You can 100% depend on us for all your IT needs, but don’t just take our word for it…


Quality products - We source the best technology solutions that offer our clients all the features they need at the right price. 

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