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Why use an email signature tool?

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CJAZ Consulting - Exclaimer Silver Partner

Thousands of companies worldwide recognise the importance and the value of being able to centrally manage their email signatures. Over 60,000 of those companies chose Exclaimer email signature software to get total control over their corporate signatures.

There are various reasons why email signature tools are perfect for crafting memorable signatures:

  • Email signature management tools centralise email signatures for your organisation, making them easy to manage.

  • You can quickly adapt signature templates to meet your marketing and business goals, such as promoting a new product.

  • With an email signature tool, you can create rules to apply signatures across job roles, departments and locations.

If you want to turn email signatures into an effective point-of-contact for your customers and prospects, you need an email signature management tool.

But why are email signatures themselves so important? Let’s look at the benefits.

Messaging that’s instant and consistent

From sharing your latest blog to upselling a new product, there’s a signature for every occasion. An email signature creation tool lets you quickly craft and distribute the right sign-off, to the right audience, at the right time.

So, whether you’re collecting reviews or offering customer support, an email signature management tool is the foundation upon which you can build a memorable sign-off.

Improve your email marketing performance

With businesses facing so much competition in an oversaturated media landscape email signature tools can make your messages stand out through an uncontested marketing channel. Here’s how.

More replies

Email signatures are an invitation as much as a sign-off. They offer connections. They leave the door open, inviting readers to take the next step in learning more.

Therefore, a compelling and professional email signature designed with the right tools can generate more replies.

More engagement

Email signature management tools are flexible. Using a drag and drop editor, you can create stunning email signature designs that provide valuable information, or for a small monthly fee we can do this for you. And by including links and interactive elements within your template, you open up new ways for your customers and clients to engage with your business.

More clicks

Professional email signatures make your business appear trustworthy and credible. And the more customers trust your brand, the more they’re likely to click through and learn more about you.

In fact, emails with professional signatures boost conversion rates by up to 25%. So, designing branded templates with the right email signature tool makes you stand out.

Choosing the right Email Signature software

When choosing an email signature management tool for your business, here’s what to consider.

  • Integration: The best email signature tools integrate seamlessly with popular email platforms like Google Workspace and Office 365 (Microsoft 365).

  • Centralisation: Your chosen solution should save time and improve brand consistency by centralising your email signature templates.

  • Information: With the right email signature tool, you can gather meaningful data such as signature usage and engagement details.

  • Imagination: The best email signature management tools come with a library of pre-designed templates, making it simple to create a professional design with your branding. You can then drag and drop signature elements like icons into your design with ease.

Sign off in style with Exclaimer

CJAZ are Exclaimer Silver Partners
CJAZ are Exclaimer Silver Partners

Exclaimer are the leader in email signature management, take a look at a few accolades they've rightfully earned. Having invented email signature management software they’re still leading the way, over 20 years later.

As Exclaimer Silver Partners we have implemented Exclaimer for several clients of various sizes from 2 users to over 50 across different sectors.

CJAZ take time to assess and trial all software before rolling it out to our clients. We personally love the added marketing benefits it has given our business.

Make your business more approachable, generate more leads, and increase brand awareness with Exclaimer email signature management tool.

To learn how Exclaimer can help your business book a demo today!

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