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Turn every email into a new business opportunity with Exclaimer Pro

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CJAZ Consulting Exclaimer Silver Partner

Over 60,000 companies worldwide trust Exclaimer email signature software to get total control over their corporate email signatures.

Why is it so popular?

  • Would you like brand control over every email communication that gets sent from your organisation?

  • Would you like to know how many emails your company sends every day, week or month, and what percentage your clients chose to click the banner to read your latest news or product promotion?

  • Would you like to amplify your latest marketing campaign to every person that regularly communicates with your organisation?

Then you need Exclaimer Pro.

Exclaimer Pro has so many amazing benefits it’s hard to squeeze them all into one blog, but we’ve given it a go, read on to learn more!

Award-winning email signature software features

Power up your marketing

Marketing teams love Exclaimer Pro. Not only does it help manage consistent branding across multiple teams and remote users, but it also adds another marketing channel to help amplify marketing campaigns.

  • Turn business email into a low-cost, high-volume marketing channel.

  • Whatever campaign you’re running amplify your message across your company.

  • Track the success of your email signature templates with analytics dashboard.

Subtle promotion without the spam

Every member of staff can be a sales person. Every person who has an email account and regularly emails your clients can help share the messages contained in your email banners.

  • Keep clients, prospects and partners informed with your latest news.

  • Spark a conversation or add an appointment booking link.

  • Include dynamic content such as social media icons, promotional banners, award logos, and user photos.

Real-time feedback

Are you struggling with low response rates for testimonials, Google Reviews or any customer feedback tool? Hook up your email signature to customer service or client facing teams and point them to your customer feedback tool.

  • Are your product reviews and feedback requests turning clients off?

  • Receive feedback without the hassle of setting up email automation.

  • Integrate one-click surveys for real-time customer feedback.

Quick and easy to update

Quickly and easily update your email signatures. Empower your marketing team by giving them access to the email signature design tool. Or simply send your designs over to CJAZ.

  • Conveniently update every signature in your organisation in seconds.

  • Auto-populate user contact details from Active Directory or Google Directory.

  • Create professional email signature templates with HTML images and text.

Consistent and compliant

Regulated industries love Exclaimer. Developed over 20 years ago some may already know the Exclaimer brand. So if you use Exclaimer already, power up to the next level and start embracing all of the amazing new features of Exclaimer Pro.

  • Ensure the professionalism of your brand with an email signature manager.

  • Offer different signature templates to individual users or various departments.

  • Ensure every message has the right email disclaimer for legal compliance.

See Exclaimer in Action!

Take an interactive tour and find out how to ignite your email's full potential with world-leading email signature management.

A power surge every time you hit send!

CJAZ Exclaimer Silver Partner Badge
CJAZ Exclaimer Silver Partner

As an Exclaimer Pro Silver Partner, CJAZ have already rolled out Exclaimer to many of our clients. They are already leveraging the power of their emails. This cost effective solution is quick to configure, with no interruption to your normal emails.

For a short demo to see all of Exclaimer Pro's amazing features in action, please email Nick and we’ll set up a demo at your earliest convenience.


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