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Out of Office - Summer Holiday IT Prep Checklist

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Have you got some holiday planned over the summer?

For some a holiday is just that, time away from work, a complete break when we can rest, recuperate and spend valuable time with our loved ones.

But for others, namely Business Owners and Managers, we may start off with good intentions of taking a break, but may want the option to check-in and make sure everything is ticking along like it should be.

Whether you choose to have a complete switch off or if you enjoy the creativity that being away from the office brings - read our useful checklist to ensure you have access to everything you need.

Set your out of office

When your customer/contact receives your out of office email whilst you're away, there are a few things they might need to know, here's what you should typically include:

  • A quick “I’m out of the office” phrase.

  • The date or time range you’ll be out.

  • Who to reach out to in case the sender needs immediate attention.

  • A sign-off.

Putting it all together, your auto-responder would read something like:

“Hi there,

Thanks for your email. I’m currently out of office until mm/dd/yyyy. If you need help, email my colleague at



Schedule things in advance

There are a plethora of apps and automation tools available to make our lives easier, so why not put these into action to make your return from work an easy one. Social media, emails, invoices, newsletters can all be scheduled well in advance of your holidays, it's just a case of getting prepared.

Download necessary work apps

Our phones and tablets are seriously amazing. Make sure your phone is out-of --office-ready by downloading all of the necessary apps if you really can’t avoid working a little bit while out of the office. What might you need?

Email - Outlook

MS Office

Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

ERP or Online Accounting

Management Systems

Cables, chargers and plenty of adapters

If you’re planning to dip into your emails or keep an eye on things while you're on holiday, make sure you have all the equipment you need.

  • Cables and chargers - It's no good taking your phone, ipad or laptop and not being able to charge it.

  • Adapters - don't forget to buy plenty of adapters for the whole family.

  • Headphones - If you're planning on catching up on some industry news or training videos, be sure to remember your headphones.


If you’re logging on from abroad, make sure you have all your password info you need. This is especially true if you're using a different device than your usual office based one. i.e. an iPad/Tablet or laptop

What's your back up plan?

Creating and sharing an IT recovery plan is an essential task to undertake before the busy summer period. Ensuring staff who are going away or working from home are aware of what to do in case of a problem, is vitally important in keeping your business on track.

Save the planet

Make sure you unplug everything, or switch things off at the plug. Finally, remember this is your holiday, enjoy the rest and relaxation, some things can actually wait for a week or two.

Hope you have a great time!


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