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7 Superb Ideas for your Email Signature Marketing

Inspiration to help you create the perfect messaging for your company email signatures.

Are you harnessing the full marketing potential of your emails? On average employees send 35 emails a day, which continues to rise each year. In a 50-person office, for example, you are looking at about 1,700 emails sent per day, or 360,000 additional marketing opportunities a year that your company could be missing out on.

7 superb ideas for your email signature marketing.

1. Your blog or news updates.

Your blog is one of the smartest things you can include in your email signature because it provides value to your audience and gets updated on a regular basis. The fresh content on your blog is more engaging than a static homepage and will most likely retain the attention of the visitor for longer.

2. Industry Research

Facts and figures can have a huge impact in terms of marketing. People on the web are overwhelmed with information, which encourages them to look for specifics. Share an industry report based on proprietary research, and you'll boost your credibility.

3. New Marketing Offer

If you're currently featuring a new campaign that highlights a particular offer, make sure to promote it in your signature.

4. Client Case Studies and Testimonials

Perfect for sales teams. If you're talking to potential customers, what's better than sharing a successful one? You could show how your product or service increased ROI, or quote a customer in your email signature to boost your company's credibility.

5. Free trial or tool

If your company has a free tool such as an ROI Calculator, Free SEO Audit or software trial, make sure to link it to your email signature. Free online tools hav the power to engage readers and get them even more interested in your product or services.

6. Free product demo or free consultation

Having a tough sales month? Why not offer a free trial or product demo? Your email signature is the perfect way to encourage people to sign up or book their online appointment.

7. Certificates and Awards

If your team or company has been recognised for exceptional work, highlight the news article or press release in your email signature.

So just to recap, professional email signature management with Exclaimer Cloud, is the perfect place to:

1. Instantly share important and timely news updates.

2. Improve your sales and marketing campaigns.

3. Ensure your professional branding, is consistent across your organisation.

4. Ensure your legal disclaimers and most recent news updates are being sent to your contacts.

CJAZ your Exclaimer Partner

CJAZ Consulting are Exclaimer Partners. We are experienced in setting up signature blocks for large organisations and ensuring these are rolled out quickly, effectively and consistently.

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