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Email Signature Management for Office 365

What is Exclaimer Cloud?

  • Exclaimer Cloud enables businesses to quickly update their email signature block across their entire organisation at the touch of a button.

  • Ensure your professional branding, legal disclaimers and most recent news updates are being sent to your contacts.

  • Have complete control over the design, style and content of your professional corporate email signatures, whatever device your staff might be using. Macs, PCs or personal mobile devices.

Why bother?

Without Exclaimer Cloud, updating email signatures can take away our valuable time, we can never know if everyone has applied the signature, meaning some people are sending out of date legal information, and when left to the individual, branding can be inconsistent to say the least.

With most of our office workforce working from home, we want an easy way we can quickly change our signature block and ensure consistent messaging across the company.

What other benefits are there?

  • Consistent email signatures across devices

  • Huge time saving

  • Compliance

  • Security

Why are transactional emails great for marketing?

  • High volume - employees send on average 35 emails per year, that's 175 emails a week, more than 8,000 emails a year!

  • 100% open rates

  • Targeted

  • Personal and trusted

CJAZ your Exclaimer Partner

CJAZ Consulting are Exclaimer Partners. We are experienced in setting up signature blocks for large organisations and ensuring these are rolled out quickly, effectively and consistently.

Find out how we helped Tims Dairy save loads of time each month by implementing Exclaimer Cloud.
Now they can enjoy instant and consistent marketing messages for every employee regardless of which device they’re using.


This simple guide will help you to create professional and engaging email signatures that enhance your branding and reputation.


I'd like to learn more...

If you would like to learn more about setting up professional, corporate emails for your business, please get in touch we’d love to tell you more about the amazing benefits it can have for your business.

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