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Fall in Love with your Email signature!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We are completely head over heels for Exclaimer Cloud Email Signatures, and so are our clients. They are so many benefits to implementing this quick, low cost email signature solution.

We have implemented Exclaimer Cloud for many of our clients now, and we asked them what were the main things they loved about them.

7 things we love about Exclaimer Email Signatures...

1. A great conversation starter

Whether it’s a new product or service that you’re promoting or perhaps an Expo you’re exhibiting at, get the conversation started promote them then by adding them to your email signature. Then you can simply say, have you seen our new email banner, and you’re away!

2. Effortless promotion

You can share anything on your email signature. Awards and certifications, expos and events, new products and services, reminding clients of important dates, changes in the law, completed projects, new deals won, whatever it is, your email signature is the perfect opportunity.

3. Fantastic open rates

With traditional email marketing campaigns, a large percentage of your emails could be marked as spam. All transactional emails however, are seen as legitimate, personal, one to one interactions. When you send a normal client email, how likely are they to open it, read it and reply? 100% right! Everyday emails have an extremely high open rate, so the chance of getting your marketing message across on your email signature is also extremely high.

4. Extremely low cost

Once implemented, the price you pay per email account is less than a pound a month! Even setting it up is fairly straightforward, so this is relatively low cost compared to the huge benefits it can offer your company.

5. Great for Compliance

Do you have professional disclaimers that need to be part of your emails? Can these change? Exclaimer Cloud allows you to change the text once in your signature template and this is automatically updated across your organisation at the touch of a button.

6. Easy to update

We can quickly train your Office Manager or Marketing Manager how to change and update your Exclaimer Cloud signature. It is all managed easily fro your online Exclaimer Cloud account.

7. Adding the wow factor

Since CJAZ implemented our new email signatures, all I’ve heard is positive feedback, says Helen at Citrus Web. ‘Love your email signature, very professional.’ ‘It’s so eye catching, it really sets you apart. I really must do something about my email signature.’ These are just a few comments, Citrus Web have been getting.

Would you like to fall in love with your email signature?

If you’ve been thinking, I really must update my email signature, then why not give Nick at CJAZ a call on 020 3950 0360, he’ll be happy to do it for you!


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