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  • Helen Davies

CJAZ Spotlight introduces EA Chartered Accountants

EA Chartered Accountants

2022 sees us start the New Year by introducing one of our longest standing clients EACA.

We interview one of EACA's Partners, Thrasos Vassiliades, to find out more about this bespoke North London Chartered Accounting firm, based in North Finchley.

What do EACA do?

EA Chartered Accountants, has been running for nearly thirty years and is managed by myself, Thrasos Vassiliades and my partner Evo Evagora. Our team comprises accountants, tax advisors, bookkeepers, payroll processors and administrative staff.

Our job is to enable individuals and businesses to maximise their financial potential. We have a passion for delivering cost-effective compliance services and a particular skill for understanding complex problems and creating innovative and optimal solutions.

What day to day tasks can EACA help with?

The financial matters that many small to medium sized businesses encounter, such as:

  • Bookkeeping and MTD for VAT

  • Payroll from 1 – 200+ employees

  • Personal Tax Returns

  • Accounts

  • Company secretarial

  • Monthly Management Accounts

What makes EACA different?

All 5000+ accountants around the UK provide the same services. We believe that we do it well. We keep our clients happy even when we have to tell them about the tax they need to pay! We go that extra (s)mile to help!

EACA provide individual, corporate and specialist tax advice that is rare to find in firms of our size:

  • Non-resident landlords

  • Advice on trusts and how they can be used to save tax.

  • Research and development claims

  • Company valuations

  • Advanced tax investigations

  • Business plans

  • Assisting solicitors with probate work

  • Company reconstructions

What are the benefits of working with EACA?

Our pro-active team is always on hand to guide you through the trials and tribulations of running your business. Evo and I are always on hand to deal with the less routine challenges faced by our clients.

Who do you work with?

We help all sorts of businesses types including:

  • Limited Companies

  • Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Partnerships

  • Sole-Traders

Our clients cover a wide array of business activities from local tradesmen, professional firms, medical, leisure and hospitality, social media influencers, family limited companies, property investment and development and technology.

What’s happening right now?

Furlough Claims

Businesses should ensure they keep adequate evidence that their furlough claims have been properly prepared. The same applies for any Bounce Back Loans ensure that you have properly documented that a bounce back loan has been used for business purposes.

HMRC have the power to investigate any claims. An HMRC enquiry will always come at the wrong time, it is always best to be prepared, “forewarned is forearmed”. That way any enquiry can be quickly resolved. If your accountant provides Fee protection in the event of an enquiry it is wise to consider taking that option.

Cloud Accounting

Moving to cloud accounting makes so much sense and we can help businesses with their digital transformation, for example, by taking their Excel spreadsheets and paper-based accounting to cloud paperless bookkeeping systems. This ultimately will save you time which can be refocused back onto your business.

Sounds great – what happens next?

If you need any financial help or advice please get in touch.

Please contact Thrasos via email or call +44 (0)20 8445 5500.


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