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Keeping ahead of Technology Trends in 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Nick at Channel Live with the Airspeeder sponsored by Teknov8 and Acronis.
Nick at Channel Live with the Airspeeder sponsored by Teknov8 and Acronis.

In March, CJAZ visited Channel Live at The NEC, The UK’s leading ICT Channel event. As your IT eyes and ears, we invest time researching the very best technology products to protect and serve your business.

As your MSP there are 3 main things we deliver:

1. Qualified, expert advice

2. Professional Technical Service and

3. The best, relevant technology products

Every aspect of your IT needs are taken care of by us. Being your one-stop-shop for your IT needs, means we need to be aware of new IT threats and challenges but we also need to be aware of whats available in the ICT marketplace to enhance your business, keep you competitive and keep your data safe.

While we were at the show we learned what the key IT areas businesses are focusing on at the moment. They include: Cloud hosting, security, collaboration, hybrid working, RPA (remote production automation), Business grade connectivity, UC (Unified communication).

Current IT Trends

We attended some really interesting seminars, one of which highlighted what technology companies have been investing in over the past 12 months.

  • Hardware 1.9 bn

  • Unified Cloud Calling as a service 1.2bn

  • Cloud apps and infrastructure 1.8 bn

  • Mobile 5G enabled devices

  • Security 1.6bn

It was apparent from the heavy emphasis on telecoms that this is a growth area.

The PSTN Switch off

For those of you who don’t already know, the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is being switched off in 2025. Unfortunately a huge proportion of the business community still use PSTN lines. If this includes you, perhaps now is the time to make a move to Cloud Calling.

An easy way for our clients to do this is to add MS Voice to your Office 365 suite. This will mean you can, chat, message, email, meet and call all via one unified communications system. This complete solution delivers efficiency, collaboration and cost saving benefits. Some of our clients have already implemented MS voice and are enjoying reduced costs through their internet calling solution. This also means they are ready for the PSTN switch off in 2025. If this is something you’d like to discuss, please get in touch with Nick who will explain more.

Advanced Security Plus

CJAZ are currently researching an Advanced Security Protection service to offer our clients. As part of this we spoke to Email security experts, verified email solutions, IT performance monitoring specialists, and data disposal experts who had never been busier recycling data warehousing, obsolete servers and old IT equipment. We will let you know when this service becomes available later this year - so watch this space!

Building relationships

One of the best things about attending the show was actually meeting partners and suppliers in person. We caught up with our new Distribution Partners Teknov8 suppliers of our Acronis Cyber Protect software. We also met Watchguard who supply some of our Firewall software and routers to discuss joining their Partner Program.

Complementary products

We only select the best distributors and suppliers that work with our business model to offer you the best combined service provision. We take time researching every aspect of IT service to offer our clients complete protection across your organisation.

With so many products available on the market, an inexperienced IT support company could accidentally double-up on software, that simply isn’t needed. Whereas with CJAZ, we ensure our product suite fits and compliments each other offering both advanced protection and best value for money to our clients.

Would you like to learn more about:

1. Cybercrime, Ransomware and email phishing attacks

2. Effective teamwork and collaboration

3. Switching to Cloud Calling

4. Safe, secure hybrid working

5. Managing data storage

Whatever your IT query call us, we’re ready to answer your questions.

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