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How you can support your remote working staff…

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In this current state of lockdown, most of us find ourselves at home, trying to use the wealth of technology to help us in this situation. All of that alongside having the children around and our other half, we really could do with any help to make this situation a little easier. There are thousands of amazing programs and apps to help facilitate homeworking, from video conferencing, instant messaging and collaborative tools like MS Teams. Now more than ever before, yours and your employees’ skills with products like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Zoom, Cloud CRM could go a long way to mitigating the impact on your business and livelihood. Indeed, for some it could literally save your business.

How good are your team’s digital skills?

So how will your employees fare when working from home? Are you 100% or even 80% confident that all will be well? Just how much could their mistakes cost you? In a normal office environment, when you get stuck with ‘how to do something’, you can usually call on a colleague for help, but when you’re at home, there’s you – just you. Yes, there’s always YouTube, but who’s got time to watch a 15-minute video, when really what you need to know should only take 2 minutes max. From being able to use MS Teams and set up online video calls to being able to search effectively online. Being able to manage our day to day tasks effectively and all with the distractions that working from home brings, is new territory for most of us.

We have the solution

Our 3-minute video tutorials, get to the crux of what you need to learn. They are a quick effective way to train and support your staff, helping them feel confident and accomplished in their work. With over 1500 video’s to choose from, from office and digital skills, to health and wellness techniques, you can really give something back to your clients and help secure your business success at the same time. Cherry pick the right videos for you and your team, branding with your corporate colours and all accessible online. Clock up your Continuous Personal Development hours and track and analyse who’s been doing what.

Specific remote working training package

Mi-Crow, our online learning partners, are constantly updating their professional training resources. As a direct response to CORVID-19 they have developed a series of remote working training videos.

To support remote working they have created the following titles:

  • Working Remotely ***NEW FOR MARCH 2020***

  • Managing your Time Effectively ***NEW FOR MARCH 2020***

  • An Overview of Teams

  • Creating a Team

  • Managing Teams

  • Adding and Removing Team Members

  • Schedule a Meeting

  • Meet Now

  • Conversations in Teams

  • Audio and Video Calls

  • Practise Safe Sharing

  • More ways of Sharing Data Safely

  • Tips to Keep you Safe and Secure Online

  • More Tips on Staying Safe Online

  • Dealing with Stress

  • Self-Motivation

  • An Overview of Zoom ***NEW FOR MARCH 2020***

  • Zoom Meetings ***NEW FOR MARCH 2020***

  • Zoom Chat and Join ***NEW FOR MARCH 2020***

What will you gain?

There are huge benefits to be made when implementing your remote training service.

  1. Improved morale - Staff know they're being looked after

  2. Increase your team's confidence and competence

  3. Better Performance - Knowledge is power!

  4. Right level - Staff choose exactly what they need

  5. Quick and simple - Access mini tutorials any time of day

  6. Flexible learning - No scheduling means people can fit this around looking after children and other homeworking considerations

  7. Choice - Choose from a wide range of popular office and soft skills tutorials.

Would you like a free trial?

We are offering a free trial for anyone wanting to try Mi-Crow Online Learning. What have you got to lose? Please email or call CJAZ on 020 3950 0360

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