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  • Helen Davies

How to roll out Effective Security Awareness Training?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey is an influential research study for UK cyber resilience. It is used to inform government policy on cyber security, making the UK cyberspace a secure place to do business.

The latest survey results (July 2022) showed that,

“…in the last 12 months, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber attack, remaining consistent with previous years of the survey.”

Attack Type

Of the 39% of UK business who identified an attack,

“…the most common threat vector was phishing attempts (83%).”

Of the 39% (around 1 in 5) identified a more sophisticated attack type such as denial of service, malware or ransomware attack. Despite this low prevalence, organisations cited Ransomware as a major threat, with 56% of businesses having a policy not to pay ransoms.

Overcome human error with our Effective Security Awareness Training

Cybercrime is more advanced than ever. Your employees are often the weak link in your network security. Your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated social engineering attacks. It is time for a comprehensive approach to effectively manage this problem, managed by people with a technical background.

What is phishing? Learn how this attack works.

Watch the video to learn how scammers use phishing to access the information they need.

Creating a mature Security Awareness Training Program

Find out where your users are in both security knowledge and security culture as you start your security awareness program with KnowBe4 Assessments. Now you can send skills-based assessments and security culture survey to your users from your KnowBe4 console. Both assessments are strongly based in assessment science and allow you to measure the security knowledge and proficiency of your users and your organisation’s overall security culture posture over time.

How does our Cyber Security Training Program work?

Using the award winning KnowBe4 platform, CJAZ’s skilled technical team will assess your employees security culture, develop a tailored program for your organisation and roll this out to your organisation, so you set the pace for improving your organisation’s security awareness.

  • Baseline Testing We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack. Test our platform yourself for 30 days.

  • Train Your Users The world's largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.

  • Phish Your Users Best-in-class, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates.

  • See The Results Enterprise-strength reporting. Both high-level and granular stats and graphs ready for management reports. We even have a personal timeline for each user.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to handing over your security awareness training needs for CJAZ to roll out and manage.

  • Significantly lower the risk of cyber attack across your organisation

  • Identify any security risks and weak spots

  • Stop worrying whether your data is safe

  • Avoid costly data breaches

  • Mitigate risk and keep your business safe

  • We completely assess, set up and manage your security awareness training for you

The other way to think about this is - what would the consequences be if you decided to ignore this?

Let us help you create a tailored Security Awareness Training Program

Would you like us to roll out a comprehensive Security Awareness Training Program for your employees? Does that sound good to you? Start improving your security today, call Nick on 020 3950 0360 and he’ll arrange a time to discuss this with you.


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