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Helping people get back to work safely.

CJAZ Spotlight for August: Tower Group Services

Each month CJAZ will be promoting one of our clients, to help raise their profile and encourage collaboration between our clients. August sees the sun shining on the sparkly, clean Tower Group Services Ltd.

Helping people get back to work safely.

Now that Covid restrictions have come to an end, Tower Group Services Ltd want to give people peace of mind that their staff and clients are kept safe and that businesses will remain open.

Eventhough, the government deem it safe to relax social distancing rules and face mask wearing, we don't want to get into a spiral of having to lockdown every few months due to increased infection rates. Longstanding CJAZ client, Tower Group Services Ltd offer a wide range of commercial, contract and specialist cleaning services to firms in London and the surrounding area. They also offer an Anti-Viral Fogging Programme which you can trial when you take up a cleaning contract with them. To find out more read our latest blog...

1. What do Tower Group Services do?

Tower Group Services have been providing commercial cleaning for over 20 years. Their refined strategy can handle all manner of cleaning requirements in and around London from large events, business contracts and building sites to name but a few.

Their clients range from golf clubs and restaurants to residential and nursing homes. From children's nurseries, to beauty spas and hairdressers plus many commercial offices.

We are able to help any London business with:

• Commercial Cleaning

• Office Cleaning

• Contract Cleaning

• Specialised Carpet and Floor Cleaning

• Window Cleaning

• Large Outdoor and Indoor Events Cleaning …and much more.

With the experience and knowledge we have attained over the last 20 years and our development in products and services we continue to be first choice for all commercial cleaning in London

2. What makes your business special?

At Tower Group we know that customer care is paramount to our survival in the fiercely competitive world of contract cleaning in London and our business has been based on this philosophy.

We have come to know many of our customers personally and a great deal of our business has been built upon trust and referral. In the unlikely event of a problem, our customers know that with just one call the matter will be resolved immediately.

3. What’s new at Tower Group?

Tower Group Services Ltd in association with UK Total Covid Cleaning (UKTCC) are now able to offer an Anti-Viral Fogging Programme. Depending on your needs, they will arrange a regular programme of cleaning and fogging to help protect you, your staff and your clients.

As the video demonstrates once you have had the Anti-Viral fogging service, your business will receive a certificate to say that your premises are safe for a given period.

There are many benefits, which include:

  • Keeping your staff safe

  • Keeping your clients safe

  • Keeping your business open

  • Protecting your reputation

  • Offering peace of mind to your clients

  • Encouraging people back to your business

In this video Chris Economou, Tower Group Services Director, shows us how Woolston Manor Golf and Country Club benefit from their Total Covid Cleaning Services Virus & Bacteria Decontamination.

5. Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to learn how your business could benefits from Tower Group Cleaning Services and their Virus and Bacteria Decontamination Programme, please get in touch.

You call call Chris on 07770 756040 or email

See their website for more information:


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