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Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo, London Excel

Tailoring our product suite to meet your changing needs.

What a vibrant atmosphere at the Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo at London Excel last week! It was really energising being among so many tech experts and products specialists in such a fast paced industry.

When a client chooses CJAZ as their MSP, they are trusting us to find and implement the best solutions for their business needs.

To find the best products, we can read online reviews and comparisons, have demos and listen to webinars, but actually you can’t beat meeting a product expert and just having a conversation.

Expos like these are a great opportunity to do just that. We keep abreast of the latest technology, improve and enhance our product suite, research and compare products, meet with suppliers and negotiate the best terms for our clients.

Visiting expos is part of us being able to source the most advanced products and to ensure we keep ahead of the rapidly changing tech environment.

We always come away having met new suppliers and learning something new. We wanted to give a shout out to a few of the great knowledgeable people that we met:

  • Great to catch up with James at ESET our antivirus specialists who we’ve been partners with for several years.

  • Thanks for the demo from Knowbe4 our Cybersecurity Training Partner. Knowbe4 is a really clever program that tests your users, by pretending to be a cybersecurity breach or a phishing email and then sending them tips and training videos depending where they need help. It is not a standard training program that is simply rolled out to everyone. The training is completely tailored to your business and any increased threats you and your employees might face.

  • We also had a great conversation with Wasabi Hot Storage - wish I’d thought of that tagline!

We researched the latest offerings from 4 main areas: Datacentre, Devops, Cloud and Cybersecurity, there were plenty of interesting products for us to learn about.

Why is any of this important?

Our clients don’t need to understand which are the best products, which are the best fit for their business, which offer them best value for money. Our clients don’t need to understand the technical application or knowledge that goes into providing our service.

Why? Because that’s why you chose us.

You have total peace of mind, because we make it our business to find the very best solutions at the right price for each of our clients.

If you’re interested in learning about the Knowbe4 Cybersecurity Training, we have a 30 Day Trial that is customisable to your specific security needs.

Please drop Nick an email, and we’ll be in touch to explain how it works.


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