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  • Helen Davies

CJAZ IT Support Partner: Key Takeaways from Cloud and Cyber Show

Last Thursday 7th March 2024, our team, represented by our Director Nick and Marketing Manager Helen, went to the Cloud and Security Expo at London Excel. As a company committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies, events like these are invaluable for us. Here's a summary of our key findings:


Hot Topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI emerged as the most hotly debated topic at the expo.

Discussions revolved around how AI can be leveraged for business benefits and how organisations can prepare themselves to embrace AI.

Insights were shared on identifying which teams within an organisation stand to benefit the most from AI integration.


Rising Cyber Threats

With cyber threats on the rise, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of attackers.

Statistics reveal a concerning trend: cybercrime costs are increasing by 10% annually, and a staggering 95% of breaches are attributed to human error.

The financial challenge posed by cybercriminals is daunting, with 81% of businesses finding it unsustainable.  

Empowering Organisations

The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo serves as an opportunity for organisations to tackle these challenges head-on.

We explored the latest innovations in cybersecurity, empowering organisations to strengthen their defence against evolving threats.

We were particularly interested in Secure Internet Browsing and extending this solution to our clients.


Ensuring AI-Proofed Cloud Security

One of the key questions addressed was how to ensure that cloud security is AI-proofed.

We learned about strategies and technologies aimed at integrating AI into cloud security measures, enhancing threat detection and response capabilities.


6 Cybersecurity Trends for 2024 and How to Stay Ahead

As we move further into 2024, the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, presenting both challenges and opportunities for organisations worldwide. Andy Hornegold, Intruder's VP of Product, shares his insights into the key trends shaping cybersecurity this year and offers strategies for staying ahead of emerging threats.

  1. Decrease in Time to Fix Vulnerabilities Continuous monitoring and focus on attack surface reduction have led to a significant decrease in the time it takes to fix critical vulnerabilities. Expect this trend to continue as small and medium-sized businesses prioritise cybersecurity measures, with vendors like Intruder offering user-friendly solutions tailored to SMBs.

  2. Rise in Zero-Day Exploits Zero-day exploits, particularly targeting remote access services, are expected to increase in 2024. Recent critical vulnerabilities in Ivanti remote access solutions highlight the ongoing threat posed by initial access brokers selling access to ransomware gangs.

  3. AI's Role in Cyber Attacks and Defence AI continues to be a game-changer in cybersecurity, with both attackers and defenders leveraging its capabilities. Threat actors are utilizing AI to automate phishing campaigns and expedite data extraction during attacks. On the defensive side, AI is being deployed for anomaly detection and security controls validation, offering opportunities to enhance cyber defence strategies.

  4. Tighter Regulations and Compliance Regulatory bodies like CISA are stepping up efforts to ensure government agencies and organizations remain compliant and address critical vulnerabilities promptly. Directives like the one issued by CISA regarding the disconnection of vulnerable remote access solutions highlight the importance of regulatory compliance in mitigating cyber risks.

  5. Shift towards Exposure Management Exposure management, an evolution from vulnerability management and attack surface management, gains traction in 2024. This approach focuses on gaining visibility into all assets exposed to the internet, including code repositories, cloud accounts, and SaaS applications, to mitigate risks effectively.

  6. Continued Targeting of SMBs by Ransomware SMBs remain prime targets for ransomware attacks due to perceived vulnerabilities and limited security resources. Threat actors capitalize on the interconnected nature of SMBs to pivot into larger organizations, emphasizing the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for SMBs.

Staying Ahead in 2024

To navigate these cybersecurity trends effectively, organisations must take proactive steps to strengthen their security posture:

  • Invest in user-friendly cybersecurity solutions tailored to your organization's size and needs.

  • Stay vigilant against emerging threats by implementing continuous monitoring and vulnerability management practices.

  • Leverage AI-driven technologies for both offensive and defensive cybersecurity measures.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to mitigate legal and financial risks.

  • Embrace exposure management strategies to gain comprehensive visibility into your attack surface.

  • Prioritise cybersecurity investments to protect against ransomware and other evolving threats.

CJAZ are always looking for cutting-edge solutions to help our clients stay ahead of cyber threats in 2024 and beyond. From proactive threat protection to attack surface monitoring, we empower businesses to safeguard their digital assets effectively. With the right tools and strategies in place, businesses can navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape with confidence and resilience.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and security.



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