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Top 3 reasons companies switch MSP

Graphic showing the top 3 reasons businesses switch MSP
Top 3 Reasons Businesses Switch MSP

With over 30 years IT infrastructure knowledge and network expertise, helping a wide range of industries from accountants and solicitors, media and advertising firms to food manufacturing companies, plus many others, we have started to see a pattern of why companies choose us as their Managed Service Provider.

3 biggest reasons companies switch their Managed Service Provider:

  1. Outgrown their old MSP

  2. Company growth = more complex needs

  3. Doubts about their cyber security

What happens when you choose CJAZ as your new MSP:

Built on solid foundations

After an initial assessment, there is usually some fundamental ‘tidying up’ that needs to be done. It might be that network drives have become disorganised, back up schedules are inadequate, networks may need an upgrade or more storage is required. Once solid foundations have been built, we then look at other areas for growth and improving performance.

Empowering you to grow

When you choose CJAZ as your MSP, you are choosing an IT Partner invested in your company’s development and success. We have the knowledge and expertise to implement the right combination of software and technology that will help your company and staff to work optimally. Our aim is to help your business to grow and give you the competitive edge your business needs to succeed.

Specialist tailored support

Often new clients are referred to us by our existing customers. The new client is looking for some specialist IT knowledge. Their IT set up might require something additional that is out of the scope of work their exiting MSP can provide. We love a challenge and there’s not much that we’ve not encountered before.

Zero Trust

CJAZ now have all bases of Digital Security covered. This means CJAZ clients can enjoy peace of mind that theirs and their client’s confidential data is safe and secure. Here are just a few security measures we offer our clients to protect their data:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Content Backup

  • Network Security

  • Audit Trail

  • Newtork Monitoring

  • Secure Remote Access

  • Private Cloud

  • Remote Browser Isolation

  • Phishing Simulation

  • Web Filtering

What are the business benefits you can enjoy as a CJAZ Client?

  • Business Growth

  • Save Money

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Secure Data – Peace of mind

  • No stress – Easy to work with

  • Personal, responsive service

  • Informed and Intelligent business strategy

Customer Success Stories

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