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CJAZ your DUO Security Partner and Two Factor Authentication experts.

Updated: May 4, 2021

In our digital age, data security is always a pressing concern. It can be confusing knowing exactly how you can best protect your business against prying eyes and malicious attacks.

Here CJAZ Consulting introduce a fantastic security solution and answer many of the questions surrounding two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor authentication?

Put simply, two-factor authentication (2FA) is the simplest, most effective way to make sure users really are, who they say they are. This protects your IT systems and confidential data against unauthorised access.

It works by a person logging onto a laptop or computer, as they would usually, but then using a second device, such as a mobile phone, to verify that they really are who they say they are.

Watch the video for a quick overview of how it works…

CJAZ partner with DUO 2FA Security.

There are a wide range of multi-factor authentication products available on the market. We have done the leg work for you and after considerable research, CJAZ have chosen DUO Security as their preferred 2FA.

Not only is the level of security offered by DUO second to none, the simple interface means we have had a great positive response from our clients when we have rolled Duo 2FA out. Finally, the added reporting benefits open up a whole new layer to end-user and IT reporting.

Why do we need it?

By far the greatest threat to data security is through weak, default or stolen passwords.

Therefore, if we can tighten up security around good passwords and check that every person logging in really is the right person, it will stop that security breach.

Why aren’t passwords enough?

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a massive increase in the number of websites losing personal data of their users. So, if you use the same password for a number of online accounts, once cybercriminals have stolen your credentials, logging into other accounts is very easy.

What are the benefits of DUO 2FA to your business?

DUO’s 2 factor authentication benefits businesses in the following ways:

1. Enhances security

2. Easy to use

3. Increases mobile working

4. Increases productivity

5. Reduces help desk costs

6. Helps protect against fraud.

Can DUO 2FA be hacked?

Duo follows an agile development cycle, releasing updates in hours and days compared to several months and quarters, typical of other two-factor vendors.

There’s no overhead required to keep DUO 2FA application up to date – you’ll receive automatic updates to your users’ devices to ensure they have the latest security patches and features. Read more about DUO Security and Reliability.

Which programs are compatible with DUO?

DUO 2FA works with all of the most common, industry standard, operating systems and online services, here are just a few of the most popular ones:

1. DropBox,

2. Xero

3. Quickbooks Online

4. Microsoft Office 365

5. Microsoft RDP

If you use something different please do not hesitate to drop us an email and we will let you know if DUO 2FA is the best option for your business.

How do we set it up?

If you’re a current CJAZ client, we will already be monitoring and optimising your network performance, therefore simply adding 2-factor authentication can happen quite quickly.

For new clients, we will set up a meeting to discuss what needs to happen and set out a strategic plan, fully managed by us and in conjunction with your existing IT. Again, this can all happen fairly quickly depending on how your existing IT Infrastructure is set up.

Outsmart Cyber Criminals...

Start protecting your business, quickly, easily and effectively.

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