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  • Helen Davies

CJAZ Spotlight for July: Tims Dairy

Each month CJAZ will be promoting one of our clients, to help raise their profile and encourage collaboration between our clients. July's customer spotlight shines brightly on Tims Dairy. CJAZ has been providing IT Managed Support for Tims Dairy for almost 10 years now, you can read about our work together in their case study.

1. What do Tims Dairy do?

We make bio live yogurt for retail and for food services.

2. What makes your business special?

Put simply, the quality and taste makes Tims Dairy yogurts unique.

Tims Dairy is a Greek family run dairy, based in the Chiltern Hills. Their motto is “Greek heritage, British made” and they’ve been making delicious Greek-style yogurt for over 72 years, using fresh British milk and only natural ingredients.

There’s no other brand that makes yogurt the way they do. They are immensely proud of their Greek heritage and honour this by following an artisan style, scaled up to meet supermarket demand.

In this video they share their journey so far with you.

3. What’s new at Tims Dairy?

While Tims Dairy follow traditional methods that have been passed on for generations, they also embrace modern tastes and market trends.

Their latest products include two new Kefir Greek Style yogurts; Natural and Coconut both come in 450 gram pots.

You will find plenty of recipe ideas on their website where guest chefs conjure up fabulous recipes that use their delicious, velvety yogurts.

Looking for some inspiration for a tea time treat?

The perfect treat or finish to a lovely meal. Easy to prepare, fresh and delicious.

This super recipe from Genevieve Taylor can be found in full here.

5. Have you tried it yet?

Make sure to look to for Tims Dairy fabulous yogurt range on the following supermarket aisles: Waitrose, Asda, Co-op, their website shows you where to buy. CJAZ are very proud to work with household brand Tims Dairy. We always make sure their yogurts are at the top of our shopping list, why don't you give them a try?

See their website for more information:


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