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5 Reasons to choose CJAZ as your Managed Service Provider

Updated: May 18, 2021

At CJAZ, we understand how important fast, reliable IT services are to you. Everyone is reliant on their IT being up and running - we simply cannot do our jobs without it.

But, what we also understand, is that our clients are people. We like to get to know you and your teams. We are your professional and friendly, IT Partners who are integral to your business success. Not just a bolt on outsourced service. That’s why client relationships are central to everything we do.

Read our latest blog to understand more reasons why CJAZ are your best bet when it comes to choosing your IT Support Partner.

1. Customer service

Client experience is so important to our company. We value every single customer and love to learn about and understand your business. We always go the extra mile to provide you with strategic advice that will help save you money, and keep you competitive. That's why we only employ professional, experienced staff who love their job. We think this is reflected in the customer satisfaction scores they’ve received recently.

2. Responsive

When you choose CJAZ you will be assigned with your own IT Account Manager. You will work with that person who will learn about your IT setup, your staff and any unique configurations specific to your business.

This way, when you log a support call:

1. You are explaining to someone you know and who knows you.

2. You are talking to a knowledgeable expert.

3. Your technical consultant will quickly understand your problem and get it resolved.

3. Super fast resolution

We are all busy people. We cannot afford to be held back by our IT systems being slow or inaccessible.

As you can see from the pie chart below, 92% of all of our support calls are resolved in less than 1 hour. With over half (36%) being resolved straight away.

4. Sound strategic advice

All Service Level Agreements (SLAs) include Strategic reviews and planning meetings. Our Director will personally visit the relevant people in your organisation to discuss future proofing your IT systems.

5. Skilled Technical Consultants

Our Technical Team are amazing. Not only are they qualified to install and manage a wide range of different software and hardware, they are passionate about technology and finding solutions. They genuinely care about looking after your IT systems and make this a priority.

Here are just a few on the many positive testimonials we have from our happy clients.

"Very caring and willing to explain what caused the problem. Always willing to help and response time is always quick".

" We have used CJAZ for IT support for over 10 years and would thoroughly recommend this company to others. Being a small company we do not have the luxury of an in house IT department to call on and we use CJAZ for support and guidance when it is needed."

"In particular, Paul at CJAZ is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and patient given my lack of IT experience and knowledge. The whole team are also helpful, as a company we are grateful to have CJAZ on board as a valued partner."

Would you like to try our Managed IT service?

We are always happy to welcome new customers, and we have a very simple, no-ties approach. Simply give us a call and we'll explain what happens next.

Call CJAZ today on 020 3950 0360


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