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Grow your business with Audio Advertising

Have you ever thought of audio advertising?

Now’s your chance.

With the switch to digital you could have your very own audio advertising campaign specifically targeted at your key audience.

Sounds interesting? Read on…

Who's in our Customer Spotlight this month?

Every month CJAZ Consulting introduces one of our amazing clients and let them tell you all about what they do. This month’s CJAZ Client Spotlight rings, sharp and true for sister companies SNK Studios and Red Apple Creative.

SNK Studios and Red Apple Creative are part of the same company working hand in hand with one another.

For the curious, Red Apple Creative produces all the creative audio including ad campaigns for all audio platforms (radio broadcast, music streaming, gaming and podcasts) as well as audio content such as podcasts for brands and advertising and SNK Studios are the audio production arm of the business.

What do you do?

If it’s audio related, Red Apple Creative/SNK Studios do it.

Like to get a better idea? Listen to their catchy show reel...

With clients such as Amazon, Disney, Paddy Power, and Netflix, and not to mention, being a global creative partner of Spotify, there’s nothing they don’t know in the audio industry.

Their breadth of services include:

  • Audio Post for TV/Cinema/Radio/Digital

  • Audio Creative

  • Immersive Audio

  • Online Audio Creative and Content

  • Music composition, Licensing, Library and Sync

  • Sonic Identities

  • Audiobooks – the largest independent producer in the UK!

  • Foreign dubbing

  • Audio Media Planning and Buying

  • Voice Casting

  • Podcast Creation and Branding

  • Audio Events and Workshops

Do you work with smaller businesses?

“We started as a one-man band, and our approach is very personable – no job too small or too big”. Says Co-founder, Seb Juviler.

“You can use radio and Spotify commercials to reach your audience in ways no other medium can.” You tell Red Apple Creative who your audience is, for example, business owners, based in London, drinks Starbucks and drives a Porsche Cayenne, and they do the rest.

There are loads of clever demographic targeting and retargeting tricks when it comes to audio advertising and Apple Creative are the experts, so you can leave this part to them.

Why you should work with Red Apple Creative

Red Apple Creative and SNK Studios love audio. I mean they really love it.

They are true specialists in audio. Their passionate co-founder Seb enthuses, “No one else globally has the breadth of audio offering that we have”.

Not only do they work on BAFTA winning and Oscar nominated projects, like Tom Hanks latest film Greyhound, His Dark Materials, Peaky Blinders and Hanna, but they also enjoy working on advertising campaigns including for SMEs, after all they were a small one-man band once too.

Now, with an office in London and one in New York, they create music compositions, sound for TV and Film, Spotify and YouTube ads, in fact adverts for any commercial media channel. “We love audio and we want to do it properly” says Seb, “We want to plug into brands and agencies and provide that speciality for them.”

“You know when you’ve heard a great radio ad – on radio, Spotify or any of the other platforms. One that makes you laugh or smile, one that makes you think, one that makes you feel. It stays with you; it inspires you to continue the conversation. We can do that for your company”.

Do you have a special offer you'd like to promote?

The medium of audio has been revolutionised with DAB and the internet. This means small companies can now advertise in a targeted and effective way.

When it’s done properly those mediums are massively effective.

Red Apple Creative are keen to work with independent businesses and SMEs. You don’t need a huge budget, you just need to know who your audience is based on a demographic, postcode, age.

How can we find out more?

If you want to work with an industry leader and have them create the right audio advert on the right channel, that grabs your customers attention, please get in touch.

Red Apple Creative and SNK Studios would love to hear from you.

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