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Email Signature Marketing


Are you harnessing the full power of your emails?

Exclaimer Cloud is the fast, effective way to enhance all your transactional emails.

What is Email Signature Marketing?

Everyone in your company sends thousands of emails a year. This equates to a vast source of marketing opportunities that your company can leverage with the humble email signature.


Email signatures can increase your social reach, promote your latest content, keep your brand consistent across all emails, and increase the ROI of your key marketing campaigns.

They are not classed as email marketing, so don't have the same compliance issues. They are not seen as email marketing by your email recipient, so they are more likely to be opened and actioned.

8 reasons to use email signature marketing:

They are targeted

Different departments talk to different people. Therefore it is easy to target those people with specific messages.

High volume

Studies estimate every worker sends roughly 35 emails per day. Times that by the number of staff and days worked, that's a lot of emails!

Constant display

Continual display means contacts will see it repeatedly and persistently. 

Valued & business relevant

Transactional emails hold value and are guaranteed to be opened.

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Personal and trusted

As the reader and sender often know each other, there’s an implicit trust in what’s being said.

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High volume

Studies estimate every worker sends roughly 35 emails per day. Times that by the number of staff and days worked, that's a lot of emails!


Consistent e-mail signature across devices. 

With people sending e-mails via, phones, PC’s Macs, iPads and Web Mail, Exclaimer Cloud gives you the same signature.

Huge time saving.

No more having to change your signatures for each user on each device.  Change the signature in one place and it applies to those users instantly


If your recipient doesn’t see a consistent signature from an e-mail claiming to come from your address then they will be wary of opening it and therefore less likely to be compromised.

They are targeted

You can have different email signatures for different teams.

DON’T miss out on over 360,000 marketing opportunities a year


How many marketing opportunities could you be missing out on?

An average employee sends 35 emails a day, which continues to rise each year.


In a 50-person office, for example, you are looking at about 1,700 emails sent per day, or 360,000 additional marketing opportunities a year that your company could be missing out on.

Are you running a special promotion?

If you are running a seasonal offer, use your email signature to shout about it to drive more interest.


You could also highlight that you offer free trials of your products, announce new solutions, showcase a recent award you’ve won… there are so many different possibilities when you sit down and think about them.


Promote your corporate blog

If your company writes a regular, engaging and informative blog, email signatures are a great place to introduce more recipients.

Exclaimer Cloud can even include an RSS feed, which will show the title of your most recent blog post and automatically update every time a new article is published. This means that you are not only providing new content on a regular basis, but also promoting it to the right target audience.

Make email signature management simple:

What can you achieve with Exclaimer Cloud?

  • Reputation Management: Maintain a consistent brand identity on all corporate email.

  • Share important updates: Use you banner to communicate important news like COVID-19 policy to customers.

  • Remote Management: Design, setup and control all email signatures for all employees wherever they are.

  • Real Time Deployment: Signature updates are applied instantly to all employees in real time.

  • Targeted Comms: Create different signatures for different departments, replies and forwarded messages.

  • More control: Give your marketing team control of your organisation’s email signatures.

  • Guarantee good open rates: Leverage this valuable free marketing channel.

  • Increase Customer Engagement: Can help improve customer service.

  • Survey Tool: Gauge customer satisfaction with one click surveys.

Transform your email signatures with Exclaimer Cloud

The fast effective way to enhance all of your marketing activity.

7 Superb Ideas for your Email Signature

Download 7 superb ideas for your Email Signature Marketing

This simple guide will help you to create professional and engaging email signatures that enhance your branding and reputation.

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