Less is more when it comes to training your staff.



Video-based training lets you learn what you want, when you want, in just 3 minutes.

Choose from over 1500 videos and have them hosted on your own anytime access, training platform.

Keep your staff's skills up to date

Whether you’re upgrading to Office 365 or want to manage Mental Health in the workplace, up to date skills means your business is efficient and a great place to work

Office 365

An easy and cost-effective way to upgrade

Step by step videos teach your people all they need to know

Content that matches your business needs

Personal skills

Makes your business a great place to work


Highly motivated and fulfilled people

increase productivity


Up to date content keeps your people and business efficient

Why businesses are switching to Easy Online Learning?


Exceptional content. Our bite-size videos are engaging, relevant, current and to the point


You can select exactly what content you need – no need to have it all


Free Updates

Updated video content provided automatically

Phenomenal Support

Help and support is always at hand, we’re just a phone call or email away

Why do people love Easy Online Learning?

Andrew Spenceley

Cyber Security Architect

University of Sunderland

The training you need found in 3 clicks, done & dusted in 3 minutes

No credit card required!

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