How secure is your IT?

With almost a third of UK SMEs experiencing a security or data breach in the past 12 months, it's no wonder that more micro and small to medium-sized businesses are taking their cyber security more seriously.


The Cyber Security Breaches Survey is an annual Government MORI report, measuring how UK businesses and charities approach cyber security and the impact that those breaches had.


They reported that cybersecurity is increasingly a priority issue for organisations with 78% of businesses now rating cyber-security as a high priority.


Our Managed Cyber Security service first makes a thorough risk assessment of cyber-attack to your organisation followed by a complete, proactive program, that covers the following areas:

  1. Risk management regime

  2. User education & awareness

  3. Network security

  4. Malware prevention

  5. Removable media controls

  6. Secure configuration

  7. Managing user privileges

  8. Incident management

  9. Monitoring

  10. Home and mobile working



What are the real business threats of cyber attack?


Businesses reporting cyber attack in the UK

More than half of large enterprises reported cyberattacks during 2019 a 40% increase from the previous year with many businesses incorrectly feeling not at risk.

Source: BBC News Report

Data Protection Law

GDPR the biggest shake-up in Data Protection Law in the past 20 years - requires you to take steps to protect your business and report any security breaches within 72 hours. 


Average cost

of cyber attack

65% of large companies in the UK detected a cyber security breach or attack with the average cost to business being £36,500.

Financial Data Protection

Accountancy Age reports that, "financial companies are too often “the weakest link” in the chain when criminals are trying to access sensitive data. Remote working, BYOD and relying on 3rd party software can all increase risks.

Identity theft

 Common ways hackers use to obtain yours or your customer's personal information include 'shoulder surfing', 'dumpster diving', phishing, spam and malware. We help protect against all of the above.  

Confidential Customer


Protect your business from a data breach, costly legal battle, and irretrievable reputation damage by allowing us to proactively manage all of your IT networks, systems, devices and email.

Need help protecting your business?

Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication from DUO

There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication. Designed for the modern workforce and backed by a zero-trust philosophy, Duo is the user-friendly, scalable way to keep your business ahead of ever-changing security threats.

The majority of CJAZ clients are already experiencing the added security benefits of the DUO Security Program. If you're interested in finding out more, please drop us an email.

What is 2-factor authentication?

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Thrasos Vassiliades

EA Chartered Accountants

“CJAZ has been proactively supporting our business and our systems for over 10 years and ensures that we stay with current technology and most of all secure from threats.”

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